Berserk Wins

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Alright, I'm slow and just finished the first arc of Berserk.

At first I thought /a/ only loved Berserk because of Guts and his manly cleaving and didn't think the manga would be as well developed as it is. Then, after finishing this arc, I realized it's because it is written REALLY well.

Specifically, Guts leaving the Hawks and the sacrifice of all the Band. Like...Griffith is always in control, always calm and knows what he's doing and the ONE time he loses his cool to someone who didn't want to live someone else's dream, he loses in ONE FUCKING MOVE and his life goes to SHIT. That and when he makes his choice, you understand it and it fucking HURTS and sucks to see all the Band die, even fucking Corkus. That's how you build emotional attachment to characters.

So thank you /a/. Berserk is (at least the arc I've read, I've heard conflicting reports on the ones past this) is amazing. THIS is good manga.

P.S. What was the point of those two cool nobles who believed in Griffith and discussed him being awesome all throughout? The dudes who supported him in the war talks when no one else did? Do they become demons or something? 'Cause I never got why they were there.