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I just realized something: Animu is designed to keep people like us from having sex.

In the society we live in, you're very unlikely to get a girl unless you're the one who makes a move. But in animu, it's completely opposite, the characters who are complete pussies somehow gets girls chasing after them all the time, and those cold distant guys who don't even care about girls get even more of them. Of course, we like to believe that we can separate fiction from reality, but fiction always affects us and eventually becomes a part of our reality. We like to follow the footsteps of our fictional heroes.

Also, animu forces preferences unto us that do not sit in with reality, it makes us like loli, crazy hairstyles, personalities you never see outside fiction. Our standards just get twisted in a way so we can never be satisfied with normal girls.

And then there's dating sims. It's normal to fantasize about fictional characters, but dating sims take it to another level. It encourages you to let it replace reality, to actually feel love for the fictional characters. It tries to take away your longing for real love and instead stay content with your fictional girlfriend.

Face it, animu is a project financed by the government to make sure we stay out of the gene pool.