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As randomc put it: "The writers have largely been developing Hiromi as the romantic interest and Noe as the intellectual interest, and so when you look at the bigger picture, this was the ending they were going for."

"I’m still not entirely convinced that Hiromi can inspire him as well as Noe could, but as far as who he had deeper feelings for, it was Hiromi. Ultimately, my point is that I felt the ending was a very good way to cap off what’s been a topsy-turvy series, and so I enjoyed it."

I still believe first half of TT > last half. Anyways, I was hoping for a Noe end. Hiromi just seemed to act like Shuffle's Kaede during episode 11 & 12, being needy and defensive of Shinichiro. Noe seemed to offer more to Shinichiro in inspiration and emotional impact.