Just watched the first 3 Pokemon movies

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I downloaded all the movies for no real reason. I remembered the first one kicking ass even though the ending was total bullshit. I was right, mostly. I mean, when you have to put up giant stakes and legendary Pokemon without affecting the continuity at all, it's hard to avoid a dues ex machina. The first movie had a rocking animation budget, and the soundtrack was just as solid as it always was. I liked it a lot more than a healthy adult probably should.

The second movie was a goddamn stolen fanfic or something. Jesus christ. Who was that steampunk flying machine guy? What's the deal with the talking slowpoke? "The world will turn to Ash"? Seriously? And calm the fuck down with the romantic hinting. A little is cute, but this is just deviant-art style hamfistedness.

Third movie was pretty good. They followed the general formula of the first movie, everyone was in character, the characters actually had backstory, and the motivations made sense. Plus Charizard was just plain badass.

What can I expect from the rest of the movies?