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There hasn't been a Real thread in quite a while.

A very, very long while.

Now I beseech you to ponder this: what kind of miraculous skills could create such an enlightening manga? Now, I know there are other powerful manga (Such as Bokurano and Koroshiya Ichi) but I like to think this series trumps them all in portraying one thing: real human kindness. It's like Takehiko Inoue reaches into your brain pan and messes around with your compassion receptors it is that good (Dude, you're getting weird ... Oh well, it's just because you're excited.) I like to imagine that the mangaka is a calm and knowing person who is simply gracing us with his awesome out of pure benevolence. Well, back to reality, what we have here is simply a really good manga.

And isn't Real really good after all? Isn't it?