Cambridge Youth Found Dead, Believed to be due to Japanese Cartoon

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Head believed to have exploded into candy, police launch investigation.

By Don Belevit—Reuters.

BOSTON – Police have launched an investigation into the unusual death of a young man in Cambridge, Mass., yesterday. The victim, John Boddy, 19, was found by his girlfriend Patrician Nesswit sprawled out on the floor in front of his computer with his head completely separated from his body. The wound from his neck leaked not blood, but an assortment of candies, such as bubble gum and chocolate, among others.

Police were quickly called upon the scene and began searching for clues in the death. Investigators found instances of candy having been launched violently around the room. Coroners did a quick examination and have temporarily ruled the death a “spontaneous neural catastrophe”, and are examining the possible causes, among them the Japanese “anime” cartoon the man was watching at the time of his demise.