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Well, major slowpoke here. I finally was in an anime mood again, so I decided to watch one of the older season's shows that /a/ talked about. That and I caught a glimpse at the thread earlier on /a/.

So, slowly getting my way through the episodes, pretty nice. They definitely tried to be unique there with the visuals, and it went well. Story's cool too though Renji's voice was a bit much at first.

And now I just finished episode seven. Holy fuck. In just one episode, everything's been completely shitcrapped.

I was rooting for Kei since it's been a while for me to see the childhood friend character win but...DAMN. Intercepting the messages like that...and then showing up at the door in a towel...

What...what is this anon? What's this unbelievable sense of fear? Even though I was for her winning...her this...the horror of woman?