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>Soul Eater is a fun series about a group of Shinigami students who are after 99 human souls and 1 witch soul so that they can change their partner weapons into Death Scythes. I was a little surprised when it was announced that BONES would be animating this because the manga has a very distinct style that can be a bit crude at times, so I had a hard time imagining this being done by almost the exact same team that did Ouran (in fact, both Sakamoto Maaya and Miyano Mamoru are voicing characters here too). Still, having that BONES team work on this can’t be a bad thing. The added gimmick here is that there are two versions of this series airing every week: a regular 6PM version and a late night version that’ll supposedly have additional stuff. However, the late night version doesn’t air until three days after the regular version does