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Hiromifag here who finally got around to watching the ending. I thought it was pretty crap the way it was done. We never got any real closure on the reason Shin's mom was a bitch to her. Shin telling he his gonna be with her forever was pretty lame, I was expecting something less corny. Especially since this is right after he cried for Noe, which he then says later that you cry when you think about the person dearest to you (so why you choose hiromi then??). Shin also never even really showed us why he loved hiromi beyond, I wanna make you not cry. It's more like pity than love. They also slapped in a quick Aiko scene to remind us how pointless she was to the story, just filler. I thought Hiromi would have been more stern with him about Noe, but once he basically proposed to her she was easy.

So yeah, Hiromifag here not happy with the ending.