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You - before halftime雄叫びearth, and without knowing the SUNOFIRUDO came during a tour of the city.
Happened near the entrance to the town drugstore, and you are close to the bungalow cheap motel on're not asking you.
Drugstore branch of the Mohicans and weeding man, I look at his hands and nape呟いた.
"Hey, cool tattoo."
You fake smile is the most appropriate to leave the store with their hands to look.
Right hand and left hand, respectively浮き上がっis in the hands of the same pattern.
Furthermore, I know.
His shoulders and back, the same pattern is etched onto each one being that.

呪five with a decree, and NOUNOU during the war, came to this town flow.
That's you.
You are the man of a woman may be, maybe.
However, two years is still in place and said the mid-teens.
However, you will have some restrictions.
One, you - out of the building, the elevator
One, you - the occasional, see an apparition of the girl's bloody,
One, you - once the Japanese city冬木lived in the town.
One, you - Apparently some of them fleeing to the United States.
You have to overcome them whether or event, which will also depend on your actions.
However, the decree呪is inescapable.
That means that death is the one you are familiar with.

Yeah, you --
You is the saber, the class lost supplement for this city came to exist.
However, you are not a magician, but only human.

Why, if you see the situation now? --
That was three days ago --
Met in the city of Las Vegas, one of the things women need to talk about it.
The woman, white hair and white skin ----------

Continued after the KYARAKUTAMEIKINGU
This document at the games begin!