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There are lots of proclamations of "mai husbando" and what-have-you here on /a/, and lots of talk regarding GAR characters, but is anyone here sincerely in love with any particular character? I mean for real!

I'm in love with Simon, and have been for a little over 6 months now, since I first watched Gurren Lagann (I had heard about it when it first came out, but was late to the party). After the first episode, I was more interested in Kamina, but as if the previous episodes weren't enough to change that, the 23rd really brought it home when it came to Simon. It started out as a simple character obsession, but I had already fapped to him by the 24th episode. That raw sexual energy. But that's not all. As I watched the series over and over again, with the 23rd episode quickly becoming my favorite, it grew into much more than just a character obsession or some sexual thing. I really developed feelings for him, as ridiculous as it is.

Maybe it's because he doesn't exist that I can feel a sense of caring, such an insane desire to be with him, so strongly. I really love him, more than anything or anyone else. If I could trade anything or anyone in this world to be with him, I would do it in an instant. His white colored hair, his intense stormy gray eyes, and wild garlock personality.

I really love him. Text, spoken word, sign language. They're simply not enough. Have you ever experienced this, /a/?