Manga tips

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So, I'm finally getting that first Hordes expansion book (see /tg/) and I figured I should get something else to offset postage. I want something to give me inspiration for this tribal/barbarian setting I'm working on primarily.

Now, first I thought Jean M Auel but then I recalled the "plants plants plants plants" frenzy of the first book and the reported continuing of this in the next few books... Second after that is (naturally) Conan, but I've got that one.

Then there's the whole reading issue. I may be looking for something more visual here.

Long story short, know any good _manga_ I should get? Discard mainstream stuff, since I've probably read it already. Same thing with DBZ stuff of "mah powahlevahs now 200 strongah than youz and we'z bouth fastah than light zomg speedlines" stuff too. Mainly I'm looking for some sort of more traditional fantasy, adventure style, exampled by for example FMA and Lodoss War. Characters can get stronger, but the focus on the story shouldn't be on this (so more DB than DBZ if we insist on those parallells, but shounen tend to inevitably fall into DBZing anyway). In short - tips for good fantasy adventure manga.