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So /a/,

After speaking with a long-time friend who is living in Japan about what the country is really like, I learned some hilarious facts.

1) Japanese people don't watch anime that much. Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach are solely the domain of little kids. Stuff like Hellsing is really a niche market, which is why all of the anime that's internationally recognized as "good" is very short--it can never get funding or airtime, similar to American shows like Firefly.

2) Japanese people mostly listen to American music. There aren't a lot of techno/trip-hop/j-rock/j-metal fans compared to people who enjoy international music. Think about it, the country's the size of California, are they going to listen entirely to domestic shit? The Japanese tend to be fairly aware of musical trends beyond the banal shit that weeaboos are importing for hundreds of dollars an album.

3) Nearly all Japanese young men are either extraordinarily effeminate or way too nerdy to hang out with.

4) Everyone reads manga, but they're not really thumbing through Shonen Jump after the age of 13. Sorry /narutofan/, your love of the Dragon Ball manga is like a Japanese person obsessing over Tiny Toons comics from the early 90s.

TLDR: Not even Japanese people like the faggoty shit you love so much.