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Period 209 "grasping the dark in my hand!!"

after realizes what dark magic is, Negi restarts his fight against Eva copy.

Chisame is going through an angus period of self reflection, finally she closed her eyes and ready to stab the scroll...

when she opens her eyes, the dagger is stopped and helds by the two fingers of Negi. Chisame is in tears and hit Negi with pillows, Rakan tells Negi that Chisame has taken care of him for two days straight, Negi thanks Chisame, Rakan tells Negi there is no time to waste, Chisame complains that Negi should take a break, Rakan mentions Negi has been asleep for two days so it should be no problem, Chisame says that is two different things.

at Ostia, Fate is discussing with his two henchmen the preparation for things to come 3 weeks later, Tsukuyomi shows up and makes her report, that two princess and two strong guards are making their way to Ostia, Fate instructs her to continue observation, Tsukuyomi wants to finish the job, but Fate tells her to be patient,

then Tsukuyomi tells Fate there is an unconfirmed report Negi is in training with Rakan, the ex hero of Red Wing, at that moment a wild dragon circle above and ready to land, Fate petrified it in an instant. declaring it will be fun to meet the only human to hit his face twice again.

"Fate showing his fang against Negi with his bottomless strength!!"