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Well people how's about a compleatly out their oppion form a flaming nut bar! No one dissagrees that real Pedophilia is horrific. But i will risk the wrath of rveryone on this board by saying that Hentai Pedophilia is ALLRIGHT. Know why. IT IS NOT REAL!!!
People plain and simple their is a DISCONNECT BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY! If a child is mollestec for real than every leagal force possible should be brought to bear against the prep. But if you think the seeing Sasami masturbateing with a carrot is bad or to much for you then go see some outher picture. ANd if you don't want to see any Emma Emerich porn ( be it anywhare in the gammet of a stoft core "Playboy" type art shot to EE getting it on with her step brother Hal "Like she wanted herself in the game, rember") Don't look at it if some comes up. It is all right for you to have the "HEBIE JEEBIES" About a pic. Just have no doubt in your mind that it is not real. Their are fictional Caharrecters only. That you CAN (even if another person thinks it's sick) think any thing you want and see what you want. Just as long as (ANd this is the Dealbreaker) you do not act our or follow throught on any thing that could hurt anybody!

IT is increadable to me that some people just cannot grasp that their is an diffrence between FANTASY AND REALITY! I Swear all the Dammed consertives would like to make mind crime legaslation like in "Minority Report". George Orwell's "1984" ANYONE? "Escape From L.A." New Moral Athority! Do i need to go on?