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Comments from Omni's blog about TT 13:
>Instead i feel like Noe gets more of the limelight in this episode. Lastly shin was able to indirectly help her get back her tears isnt it? Tho i was initially a shin X hiromi fans (which somehow becomes neutral), i think noe kinda win the hearts of the audiences isn't it?
>Exactly. I think the writers just purposely want to break our hearts to emphasize the show’s title. True Tears. Because seriously, they made Noe the most enigmatic in the show that just brightens the place and made her cry in the end. Surprisingly, I really didn’t get a bad vibe from it all, if anything, it’s optimistic and makes you love Noe even more. Let’s face it. The girl who brought the MOST change in Shin is Noe even if he chose to stay loyal to Hiromi. That’s what I love about NoexShin. ^__^ their bond is special. If they’re gonna do another true tears series, a second season with Noe as the main character will be great lol It’s Springtime for Noe!
So after reading all this, I feel a lot better about True Tears. Guess it wasn't such a bad end for us Noefags after all.