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Newfag here. I started Gurren-Lagann three days ago and currently am going through episode 13; did the staff change or something? The whole feel of the show changed after Kamina died (in a bad way) - it's like all the grandiose of the story just went to the grave with him.

Simon isn't a likeable protagonist. I thought he was a bitchin badass in the 1st episode space scene, but since then he's just annoyed the shit out of me. I'm pretty fine with Nia and it's great to see the rest of the Gurren Brigade getting fleshed out, but honestly, the show's boring. Episodes 4/5/6 managed to turn random encounters into something kickass, but here we're battling against bosses and I don't give a damn about them at all.

This mind sound trollish to the Gurrenfags, but does the show "improve" (go back to classy first 7 episodes)?