Ever17 End -- At least 1 brick was shat

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Okay, anon. I finally did it. Finished Ever17.

You promised me many bricks. I ended up crapping one brick and change, or one brick and one briquette. Am I trolling? No, I'm not. In order for me to shit bricks, I need to be blindsided by an amazing plot twist. There's was one plot twist that made me go "Damn!", and one that made me cheer. However, most of Coco's patch was basically throwing a bunch of made-up bullshit at my monitor; it can't qualify for brick fodder. To start off, here are the twists that did it for me:

Sora tried to kill Takeshi out of a jealous rage -- quality drama right there. Too bad Sora adds NOTHING to the True End.

If you're mousing over this because you can't help yourself STOP RIGHT NOW --- RIGHT NOW --- Sara and Kid are Tsugumi's children?!?! THE FUCK YOU SAY?! I mean, just wtf.

My overall enjoyment was dragged down by comic book science like:

Cure Species and Hybrids, 4 dimensional beings, genetic re-writes, stone deep sea diving aids, plot cryogenic chambers.

And by just absurd, gaping plot holes:
1. Why doesn't Tsugumi go crazy when her future self meets some guy pretending to be Takeshi?
2. How the FUCK does Takeshi wake up after having spent many minutes drowining on the bottom of the sea floor? How the FUCK does a little mechanical dog able to handle that?
3. Help me out here anon -- ingorning the absurdity of the "plan" to lure BW back out, how the fuck does the clone mom have the power to orginize this sort of thing?
4. Okay, we know that BW lost his and Hakotu's memory when they merged; okay fine. But why did the original Kid lose his memory?
5. Why does Tsugumi display super-strength? This is not addressed at all.