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-It will be a reconstruction of the TV series with a lot of new cuts.

-There's going to be more than one movie, but it will NOT be organized simply like Part 1: Simon as a boy and Part 2: Simon as a man. They won't make it like a straight summary either. "If we're going to tell a story, it will be told in battle. While throwing in new cuts, we plan on making it a work that has the surging hotness that you felt watching the TV version at the forefront."

-Because the dialog won't match up if they're doing a reconstruction, all of the dialogs will be newly recorded.

-They would like to create more new works after the movie. They have many stories from the seven years after Lord Genome was defeated. If the movie is a hit, the possibility of them making more will become higher.

-They're creating several new animated works, a little of which will be shown at the Anime Fair. The staff will differ for each one. Each one will be short, but have the staff's hot feelings packed in. They're still unsure when they'll be able to get these to the fans.

-The short animated works will have music as its theme?

-It seems implied that Nia is the main heroine of the movie, because when asked about the female characters, he replies that it's sad that Yoko and the three sisters might end up in the background.