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Dear /a/,

How do you hide your power level? I go to a school based primarily on technology, games, etc. So there are a lot of people who watch animu casually, and even more of the blatant weeaboo whom we look down on and scoff, and while I've kept my power level nice and hidden so far, it's getting to the point that my ears are ready to bleed when there are fifteen of them all talking about shit they don't understand. They don't know how GARkoto is, what the makes Seaking so FUCK YEAH!!, why 8:57 is a good time to die, or even so much as to why Yuki is such a slut, it's beginning to break me /a/, I need your help. It's getting to the point that I'm about to revert back to weeaboo status and lose the game. Should I rape the maids? Lurk moar? I'm lost.