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Yami: Partner, I've been defeated so get up! Why are you crying you won? If I were you, I wouldn't show my tears.

Yugi: It's because I'm weak. For me you are the target I would like to reach. I've always wanted to become strong like you.

Yami: You arn't weak. You also hold strength that has never been defeated by anyone, don't you? That strength is kindness. I've learned that from you, partner! Your courage to accept this battle guides me to where I should go.

Yugi: Other me....

Yami: I am no longer "another me". You are no one else. You are Mutou Yugi, the only one in this world.

Ishizu: The eye of Horus guarding the gate to the afterlife has finished it's observasion from the battle of the Pharaoh's sprit. Now, after 3000 years it's time for the gate to open and the Pharaoh to pass through. Nameless Pharoah! Tell your name to the Eye of Horus!

Yami: My name is Atemu!

Joey, Tristan, Téa: Yugi!

Téa: Yugi! Wait!