Athrun Zala's Harem.

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I want to talk about Athrun Zala's Harem. Yes i know, alot of you HATED GSD, but i liked it. A 5 girl harem consisting of Lacus Cline, Cagalli Yula Athha, Meer Campbell, Luminaria Hawke, Meyrin Hawke.
Lacus Cline: Athrun's 1st GF and Fiancee, and 1st kiss. Pop-idol and daughter of one of the co-founders of ZAFT. Peace actavist know-it-all.
Cagalli Yula Athha: Athrun's 1st true love, GF #2, and Fiancee #2. Best friend's twin sister and princess/Prime Minister of Orb. Tomboyish, strong willed leader.
Meer Cambell: Lacus Impersonator, Pop idol, Athrun's fake fiancee, and Gilbert Durandal voice to the masses. Hyper active, bubblely, but suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
Luminaria Hawke: Ace pilot and red coat from the Minerva. Thought never in a relationship she was always flirting with Athrun whenever they were togather. Flirty, but brave and strong warrior though sometimes ignorant. Also been called Faly Allster #2.
Meyrin Hawke: CIC officer of the Minerva and later the Eternal. A bit jelous by her sister's slightly thinner body. Later shown to be brave and able to follow her heart. GF #3 to Athrun. Shy, yet brave and professional in her work. Very intellagent with a talent to hack. Only girl to actually get any good character development that fans liked.

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