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How to make a fan-character.

1. Looks like you, or your sexual fantasy.
2. Is based solely an an anime or manga, the more popular, the better!
3. Looks absolutely nothing like the art style of said anime/manga. Using templates of other popular characters or video game sprites is fine.
4. MS Paint is an acceptable graphic design program.
5. Accessorise! Add as many bows, bandanas, headbands, waistbands or other items of clothing as possible.
6. Make a very detailed essay on your characters personality. Angsty, Villianous and overpowered characters are good.
7. Mix it up! Make sure your fan-character is a half-breed of different species, or opposing factions in your series.
8. Colour with fill tool or pencils and post on deviantart. Watch the praise roll in!