A Letter to Sasuke Uchiha

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Recently I've been glued to the computer, because of this battle against your brother, and the bias that posters here churn out is remarkable. More than any other character in this story, people go to the extremes of adoration and criticism over you. At this moment in your life, with your back against a wall sweating bullets and shitting bricks, you probably don't care what we think. But I thought I would say a few things just as well.

First, I neither adore you nor abhor you. It is true that I started following this story for the incredibly loud and lovable blonde boy you nearly killed at the Valley of the End, but as the story has progressed, I find myself thinking of you more and more. I am very interested in and concerned about what you will do next in this crucial moment of your life.

There are a lot of people over here making fun of you. They say you are still a scaredy-cat after all these years (as if all people don't fear imminent death). But I applaud your effort in this fight. You did well in showing your are a clever tactician and dangerous opponent. You sought power, and you did gain it.

But it wasn't quite enough, was it?

You stand now at the threshold of victory, but a victory achieved on a technicality. The body's resources are finite, and even someone as powerful as your brother has a limit. Your brother found his limit only a few seconds before your unquestionable defeat, and because of it your defeat became a victory. Everyone on our forum has an opinion about this, of course.

But the important opinion here, the one that will decide where the story goes from this point, is how you perceived your victory.

Look downward Sasuke, where your brother lies. When he sat on a throne, you saw him dead. Now that he is dead (or dying), what do you see?