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Time for an Anime RAGE thread.

I begin:
1. Weak character who suddenly learns a technique which makes him/her 1000 times stronger, which can´t be taken serious. The character still sucks and doesn´t use his potential, too.

2. Fillers which ruin all characters and the whole series.

3. Too much talking. The main characters are totally fucked standing between more powerful opponents, but stand there and talk. Or worse: Flashback.

4. Opponent is obviously dead but suddenly returns moments.

5. A character wants revenge to a bad guy the whole time, but he never manages to kill him until someone else and more powerful does it, making all the episodes about the conflict useless.

6. Censorship.

7. More than one transformation for each character making it laughable for people who know DBZ.

8. Too much crying.

9. Characters never have parents for odd reasons, exept a grandma or a grandpa.