Returning for Seaon 2!

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Setsuna as: main character who becomes stronger and gets new Gundam after (kinda) dieing
(Some main characters repeat this process. See: Heero Yui)

Graham Aker as: Token "rival with mask." His mask is all black and creepy though, no white wing motifs here

Tieria Erde as: Guy who looks even more like a girl when he grows his hair. Possibly an actual girl who has been chemically/genetically manipulated

Nena Trinity as:(arguable) Tsundere who exists for no reason other than to be fapable and psychotic

"Wild Bear" Sergei Smirnov as: Hardened older soldier with cool nickname who has experienced years of war but has a warm heart.(See: "Desert Tiger" Andrew Waltfeld)

Soma Peries as: More mature (and less loli) soldier with a mysterious relation to Allelujah. Follows Sergei around and likely to have an ambiguous child/lover relationship with him.

Ali Al-Saachez as: Token "pure evil dude" who serves to contrast with main villains who are less evil/more tragic/simply misguided

Saji Crossroad as: Guy whose name is still the most obvious metaphor since Tracer Bullet. Serves as joe-everyman contrast to Setsuna and as moral conflict for Louise

Louise Halevy as: No one cares

Marina Ismail as: Relena