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"Even if I'm not the center of attention. Even if I'm not the hero of the long as I have a normal, everyday life, that's good enough for me."

No, Makoto. You are a hero, THE hero, because you recognize this. You are like Akagi, preferring to live a normal life though you have extraordinary skills, even if every now and then you can't but help succumb to the urge to find that thrill you can't be without. Akagi was blessed or cursed with total apathy towards all forms of fear; you were blessed or cursed with total apathy towards all forms of commitment. But both of you shun attention, both of you shun praise. And thus, you both rise to a level of humanity unachievable by other men.

ITT we salute Makoto Itou, the man who saved us from the shitty harem anime trend with his philosophy on life. This thread is also to salute Akagi, because in the realist path to become something more than just a human, there is little example other than these two men.

If you can find any other examples in anime, that would be great. Just remember realism only please, none of that magical AIDS or impossible technology to taint a character, like with shounen, KEY, GitS, Berserk, GL, ect. Keep it real, with shows like Baccano, Bartender, Black Lagoon, ect.