True Tears prediction

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I haven't watched the last two episodes yet, but I can probably guess who will win: Hiromi and here's why. I've seen enough harems and love triangles in my time and the majority of them are always have the tsunderes come out as victors. Now you may think "but Noe is the tsundere." Wrong, faggot. Hiromi has the tsundere traits. She's always pushing her feelings of love away and is causing shit for everyone else. Yandere type characters tend to take the blunt of the assault, in this case Noe who had to put up with Horomi's bullshit. Yandere's are always too weak to go after the protagonist, and in the end they always chicken out. That's why Horomi probably won. If I'm wrong you can correct me. Also are the last two episodes worth watching? Or should I continue torrenting those cream lemon episodes?