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ITT: We make Clannad better

Nagisa dies...of an illness when she is a child.
Years later, Tomoya moves in with Kotomi in the big house since he doesn't want to live with his father anymore.
Since none of them can cook and since there is no bakery in the neighborhood Tomoya and Kotomi nearly starve to death because they waste to much energy on "other" things until Tomoyo begins to cook for them and eventually moves in with them. Being more experienced she shows those both clueless people some tricks.
Kyou runs over Ryou with her roller, Ryou dies, Kyou is cast out by her family, has a mental breakdown and is saved from the edge of suicide with some tender loving by Tomoya. After that she also moves in in the big house.
Sunohara rapes his sister, is caught and thrown into prison for the rest of his life, his parents kill themselves out of shame and Mei moves in with Tomoya and the other girls.
Fuko wakes up, comes home, is being raped by the husband of her sister, her sister kills him then and gets thrown into prison. Fuko then moves in with Tomoya and the girls.
Then the After Story starts.