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To: Inquisitorial High Lord, Terra
From: Lord Inquisitor-Hereticus Soukun , Clearance Alpha-minus
Subject: Apex Twins
Priority: Very High, immediate action requested.
Message format: Live astropath feed
Received: 998.M41

Thought for the Day: Suffer not the unclean to live

Ahem. Honoured Lord, the situation is dire so I will be brief.

You know of the Apex Twins, the Alpha class Psykers who have caused the Imperium so much trouble in recent years. On the one occasion they were captured, they overpowered the entire Inquisitorial complement of our Black Ship and escaped. I do not need to remind you, Lord, of the potency of their powers.

While believed to be a single-minded entity, the Apex Anomoly, or Apex Twins, has recently begun to manifest in a form still recognisable as twin sisters, but both forms differ slightly in appearance. Before they simply manifested as carbon copies of each other, identical twins. Recently, they have taken on separate appearances.