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By now, we have the money and the power, and as Scarface once said (We know you love him, and have his poster on your bedroom wall,'cause you're cool like that) next we get the women.
And guess who it is that loves power, as you said women do? That's right, it's your little skank of a wife! Now, most of us will likely have settled down with a wife, but I'm sure there are plenty that would be glad to take your wife when she dumps your sorry ass to go to the people she knows have the real power.
And, as we continue to rebel, our influence and power will grow. We'll eventually get a few trophy wives, settle down a bit, and live in the lap of luxury.
Meanwhile, you, the "Knight" will be left alone. By the time you hit thirty, your primal attraction, your ONLY asset, will begin to fade. Your third wife in ten years will grow tired of your old, pitiful body, and will leave you. Stuck in a dead-end job as one of our pawns, you will grow old and even less appealing.
So go ahead. Brag about how many women you are fucking. Call us terrorists. We may seem to be upset, and you may mock our pain, but I assure you, we know your fate.