Gurren-Lagann KILLS

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The night of April 4, 2007 was a night like any other. Well no, not really. But, like most nights, it was a night. It was my spring break, and like any other good-looking virile young man on spring break such as myself, I decided to take a drive down to my grandma's house. I mean, seriously. Grandma's house is where the shit is at.

So yeah, then I get to grandma's house, and she comes to the door. And she's all, "Oh little Anonymous! You've gotten so big!" and I'm all "shut up grandma." Then I take off my jacket and walk in, and I'm like, "Hey Grandma, let's watch this new anime, it's called Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. I hear it's fuckin' badass." And then she's like "Okay my little Anonymous, just sit right there and Grandma will make us a batch of cookies."

So then while my Grandma is making the cookies, I throw the tape into the fuckin' VCR and shit, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere there's all these fuckin' explosions and shit. And I'm like okay, explosions are good. And then, there's like this dude in a cape all fuckin' out of nowhere and shit, and he's all "GURREN-LAGANN! SPEENG ON! ORE WO DARE DA TO OMOTTEIRU!"

And then she comes hobbling in as fast as her scrawny little grandma legs can carry her, and then just as she takes ONE look at the screen, and I FUCKING SWEAR TO GO this is true, her chest fucking EXPLODES and her organs go FLYING all over the living room. But did I move? No. I could not tear myself away. I dared not to. I stood there and I watched the whole thing. And when it was over, I stood there covered in cookie dough and my grandma's crusty entrails and said, "Oh my God, this is the best fucking show I have ever seen."

Seriously. It's the greatest series ever.