Manga Violence Time....

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‘Sup, /a/.
Recently ran a similar request in /co/ for violent or disturbing images from comic-books to help with a project I’m currently doing on media violence. /co/ provided a generous and impressive number of helpful images to use in my report. However, there remains the fact that manga falls into the category of “comics” just as much as American comic-books do. And we all know manga-artists are no strangers to violence.

Let’s try to replicate that /co/ thread’s level of success. What I need are your violent or disturbing scans of manga-pages. The more the better. I want to be able to overwhelm the people viewing this report.
As in the /co/-thread, if you include to sauce on the images you submit, it would be helpful (within reason of course, because I’ll obviously know if it’s a Hellsing, Berserk or Vinland Saga page).
Let er’ rip, /a/. Give me the roughest you can dish out. In addition to helping me, it may also prove to be a very entertaining thread.