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Sup /a/. Lil advice please?

i have a friend named Benji who has never come to my house before. Only he did come over the other day and this is where everything went downhill. just fyi Zippo also came over but he has been my friend for almost a year now so it is not really a big deal. To get a grasp on the situation at handd, my dad had just bought a new treadmill the week before. Now we eere just downstairs watching something awesome like Haruhi and ATHF, just doing nothing as always, when Benji decided to mess with the treadmill even though dad said no. I didn't stop hims ince i don't know him as good so it just seemed weird you know? but the problem was he put this old Barbie rubber ball on the treadmill that was my sister's, and it went under it and popped, and somehow got stuck in the track. So it started itgoing really slow and I didn't tell my dad until later. but the treadmill was broken and was a brand new one for my dad.

when he found out obviously he asked what happened and I told him about Benji. As it turns out someone drank a ton of our grape juice too and this must have been him also since Zippo or me didn't have any. My dad was sort of mad about that too i think or something, but he said Benji needs to be more under cotnrol to come over again. we are really good friends so I don't want to say no, but the number one thing I never want to do is make my dad mad, so should I invite him again or is it too big of a risk to have him over to my house?