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So hey, hear me out for a bit. Unless you have no interest in negima or archiving a whole manga series.

For a while I've had a vague intention to pass the translation of some chapters to their volume versions, since a lot of the old magazine scans are pretty damn bad. First I considered doing just the few battle chapters I was interested in, but then I just went "what the fuck" and decided to try out the whole Volume 6.

Now, the chances of me ever finishing this are low. The chances of me finishing this in less than three months are even lower, thanks to a combination of being lazy, Negima being pretty fucking wordy, and Akamatsu having a very annoying habit of sticking a lot of text into backgrounds. Just cleaning the bloody thing is a mess.

Still, there are a few details I can't figure out for myself and it would greately speed up the process if someone were to give me a hand or at least a hint. Following this are examples of these issues: