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Gentlemen, I like Hellsing.
Gentlemen, I like Hellsing.
Gentlemen, I love Hellsing.

I like the manga, I like the animé, I like the OVA, I like the soundtrack, I like the cosplay, I like every aspect of Hellsing that occurs on this planet...
I like the thunderous roar of Alucard's Jackal as it blows away all enemies.
I like when Seras and her Harkonnen blow away a band of ghouls.
When a ghoul is shot to pieces after being thrown high in the air, my heart dances. I like crushing the enemy vampires with the customized weapons on our vampires. When Alucard mowed down Tubalcain who screamed as he was ripped apart, my heart leapt. Seeing the newest chapter, leaked on the internet, not yet even scanlated, is unendurably exciting. The fight on the Battleship Adler in Volume 4 and the ensuing chaos was spectacular. And the pitiful Iscariot, as Alexander Anderson Charges Alucard in a flash of Bayonettes despite him being woefully outclassed.