Let's Play a Game, /a/

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OK, Anons. Here’s how it works. You’ve been chosen to live in the Type Moon world for the rest of your life. However, you must post on 4chan first to decide your fate. Thus, you post. If your post ends in any of these numbers here is how your life plays out:

1 Arc Route
2 Ciel Route
3 Akiha Route
4 Hisui Route
5 Kohaku Route
6 Ren Route
7 Fate (Saber) Route
8 UBW (Rin) Route
9 Heaven’s Feel (Sakura) Route
0 Roa and SHIKI fuck you up the ass
for eternity
XX Two of the same even number:
Legendary Sacchin Route
XX Two of the same odd number:
Mythical Ilya Route
00 You get to fuck all the Tsukihime/Fate
women for eternity, including Sion.

Good Luck!