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You know I got really fucking bored today so I decided lets do something for the better of /a/. So I said to myself fuck it I'll make a LETS HELP PEOPLE BE LESS OF A FAG COPYPASTA.

As you oldfags and generally not retarded people may know the internet is a great source for anime and anime related things. In my 2 years browsing /a/ I've seen the lines "Sauce Plox" at least a million times and it pisses me off so here is a list of links to shit that you should all know already but if you did'nt should improve your 4chan experiance and mine.

Is a mangareader site that moves at a decent speed and uploads all popular manga, if it did'nt resize the pages it would be perfect
more series then onemanga and none of the shitty resizing, but the sites reader program is slower then onemanga's
this site is for downloading manga, because only fags and people with small hardrives should read manga online
This is the ultimate site to get manga from online but it requires you to use an IRC(internet relay chat) client(just grab a free one like mIRC) and to go to their channel and get it from bots. there is a helpfull tutorial on the site for how to do this so you should be fine.
This site is your friend, they have a huge database links too downloads and are very well put togather.