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Man, oh man.
The Negima live action show has finally come to a close and, boy, what a close it is.
It really shows that producers put all of their blood, sweat and maybe some sperm as well in order to give it a memorable ending, and I'm extremely glad to see that they succeeded in their purpose.
Campiness and CGI both crested heights never seen before in the history of humanity, and every scene was there to act as an unmovable proof of this, with Asuna running her way up some sort of Tron-stairs to save Negi (now in Bohemia Crystal form), getting kicked down repeatedly by Chao without opposing any apparent resistence if not an early catfight and the rest of the class giving her strength by cheering for her one room away.
But the best part of the whole episode, oh, the best part of the whole episode can be found just 5 minutes in it, with the aforementioned Asuna engaging in sapphic kisses with the rest of the class (save for Mana and Setsuna, for obvious reasons) in order to bring them back to life, for two minutes straight and with just some slight bloom effect to conceal some, just so as not to have the parents all riled up.
And that's why I'm glad to bestow the whole show the much yearned-for score of:

Dog's bollocks / 10

Dear producers, I swear I've never fully questioned your skills. Come and gift us with more of this fine piece of acting again anytime you want.

Whew, I guess I've let myself get carried away a little too much. Let the pics speak for me, now.