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Have you had your recommended daily amount of sadness today, /a/?
Usually, when people look at me, they're just looking at a facade. How I look at any given moment is a direct reflection of the people around me. If I stick out too much, someone might approach me. I can't let that happen. If I'm in a group of loud people, I'll be loud too. If everyone else is laughing at crude jokes, I'll laugh as well. I was always changing, like a chameleon, just so I could keep away from small talk. But one of the most amazing feelings is being with a girl who can see straight through that facade. She knows you dislike small talk, so she avoids confronting you. And yet, she's always nearby, in case you feel like having a menial conversation about the weather, or how the leaves look gently drifting to the ground. She knows that you don't want other people's help, so she'll try to stay out of the way. But when you're down, she'll be the first one to hold out her hand. When you walk in the park during autumn, she wouldn't ask if she could tag along with you, rather, she'd just walk alongside you without consent, without a word. She wouldn't say anything, but she would lightly hold your arm, and give a gentle smile toward you. And as you walked in the cool, brisk afternoon with her, leaves falling around you like snow, you'd feel your stress, your worries, and your fears slowly melt away. Your mouth would slowly tug at its corners, a sensation that you may have long forgotten. You'd take a look at her face, the warm face that was smiling at the simple treasure of life itself. And after all this time, you could finally feel yourself returning a genuine smile as well.