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/a/, I have a problem. It takes me forever to get through good anime. I started Mushishi like 2 weeks ago and I'm only on episode 10. Same with Kino no Tabi, except I'm humg up on episode 4. I've never watched the second season of Marimite, despite loving the first season. I've had Honey and Clover for like 2 years, and I still haven't watched it. I dropped Samurai Champloo, Chrno Crusade, and countless others.

By contrast, I can get through a mediocre to bad anime in a very short period of time. I watched Kaze no Stigma in like 2 or 3 days. I watched Karin in 2 days too. I actually completed Sumomomo Momomo, which is a feat in itself. Bamboo blade is endlessly entertaining. All of these are basically devoid of substance.

Anybody else here have difficulty watching shows that you actually have to pay attention to? I never used to be this easily distracted. It's irritating.