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ITT, a theory.

The Haruhi genderswap movement is a clever ploy, having been introduced so fast and so hard and gaining such seemingly tremendous overnight popularity that /a/ is bound to have an already retrograde hatred for the series magnified and intensified, only at a different source.

Eventually the genderswap version will be so prominent that all the hatred towards the original series will pretty much be a moot point. Thus, when season two comes around people will more or less welcome it with open arms, rather than an overwhelming "shit sux, sage"

P.S. In before sage, shit sux, LRN2TYPE, LURK MOAR, Haruhi is a hamburger, fabulous, or anything else I've failed to think of but will no doubt occur.

P.P.S. Also, stupid sexy Koizumi, why must you haunt my dreams?