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Suzaku is the man. Focused, badass, wanting to extinguish the world of true faggots, can't get much better than that. Lulu's gonna have a hell of a time when he discovers Suzaku isn't just a knight on that chess board, he's a new piece never seen before: A trump card which can warp anywhere on the field, who can jump over and continue annihilating the opponent like a perfectly aligned chess match.

In the end, Suzaku is going to abandon Lancelot Z2, jump on Gawain, tear Lulu out of the hatch, and break all his teeth in one punch. It will be so hilarious, with Lelouch flopping around like the pansy bitch he is, while Suzaku goes to town on his face. Then, when Lelouch's face is no longer recognizable, he will start wimpering and begging forgiveness. At this point, Suzaku will throw him on the ground, bring him Nunnaly, and tell him to get his fucking priorities in order. Of course, Nunnaly will not want to go because she learned what kind of evil monster Lelouch is, and will want to stay by Suzaku's side, but Suzaku just smiles, opens her eyes with his fingers, and says "I'm sorry Nunnaly, it's unfair to leave you with such a person, but death is too good for the man who used to be your brother. He needs to atone, and I need you here to make sure he does it properly."

Afterwards, Lelouch goes into a paraplectic fit, and tears his own eyes out. He spends his final days as the legal adviser of an international charity for the disabled and mentally sick.

Suzaku of course goes on to become the beloved new governor of Japan, which was reinstated its position as an independent allied country of Britainia for his incredible valor and fortitude. Parents across the world will tell their kids about the story of Suzaku Kururugi, the man who stood against the grimmest of fates and, with hard work and his own two hands, saved a nation from damnation.