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This drawing arose out of my frustration with not being able to go to this winter's Comike in Tokyo, Japan. Asmodeus showed me a picture of the insanity surrounding the setup of this year's Key booth, and on the wall is a poster of an image I've only had small glimpses of - Kotomi from 'Clannad' in a very dramatic turning motion, complete with... well, bunny ears and a puffy tail. Yeah, it's an odd image, but being the hopeless Keyfan fanboy that I am, frustration over not being able to acquire that poster was giving me homicidal thoughts involving my 'friend' Asmodeus ^^;; So, in the interest of avoiding bloodshed, i did what any good obsessed fan does, sit down and draw the characters. Since there is not much known about the story for Clannad at this point ('Clanyad' is actually correct, btw - it is written this way on some Clannad merchandise), but this is not always a bad thing. The emotive content of my drawings is distilled directly from the artwork that has been released involving this game. Keep in mind that 'warmth' was developed under similar circumstances - i knew next to nothing about the game 'Kanon', but the artwork, and the music, inspired thoughts and ideas that translated into a story. Not a bad drawing, she's in a rather odd twist, but her imbalance works, for some reason.