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What's with pretty much all "badass" characters going to utter shit? A badass character shows up, but then eventually does something or reveals his past and it shows he evokes human emotions which strips away his "badass-ness". Character development is okay, but damn not in this case. Typically these people are chaotic neutral/evil.

Examples (name+series+what ruined them):
Viral (TTGL): His "dream"/wish near the end.
Yukimura (Samurai Deeper Kyo): Fights his brother and gets afraid and shit.
Sephiroth (FF7): I played Crisis Core.
Sesshomaru (IY): One word: Rin.
Byakuya (Bleach): Cares for Rukia.
Vegeta (DBZ): Do I really need to say?
Itachi (Naruto): *flicks forehead*
Scar (FMA): Yeah...

All I want is a straight forward badass character. Is that so hard to find? Goddamn.