continuation from yesternight

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so. I give it a try and tripfag around a little bit.

so today me and her were cooking. but we weren't alone because 2 more girls joined us (one kitchen for the whole floor, living in a dorm) also she has an exam tommorrow so it was quite the short evening.

but this saturday we are going to make a cake. this is how we met. we met at first on a birthday party of another girl living here on the floor, and I made a cake. she totaly loved it and so today she asked me if I could show her how to make it. that's a good sign right?

we even went shoping for the ingredients already. so this saturday I try to get closer to her. I just don't have any idea how to do so. and I don't even know if she has a boyfriend.
one sentence is spinning in my head since 3 days ago, when we cooked and ate together. she said:"I'm so happy to get to know you"
what is this? why can't she just say that she likes me if she does? or is it a "I'm glad that I met a nice guy like you. nice in the good friend way nice. not nice like I want to have anything beyond friendship when it comes to you"

well till saturday.

I know /a/ is not my blog but some anons asked me to keep them tuned.

I think I start falling for her. she's so cute.

and thanks to anon for this one:
Your balls.
They're big.
You're Kenshiro.
You're Kamina.
You're Gatts.
You don't think. You wish, you want, you go, you take.
You already know you'll win.

this will become my mantra.