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Alright /a/, so I'm finishing up my last semester in high school (I'm 19). I have to take at least 4 classes even though I only need 2. So I took a retarded computer media class to fill up one of the extra classes. Anyway, the teacher just announced that we will be watching AMV's next week, mostly of Naruto. Apparently theres an assignment that's supposed to go along with it. I don't need this class and am only taking it to make the school happy. So, I thought I'd get your proffesional opinion on what I should do next week. The sky is the limit.

By the way, my school is the only one in the district that teaches Japanese, so the school is flooded with weeaboo and gaiafags. I'm not exxaggerating when I say 1/3 of the school has a picture of their gaia avatar on their binders. It's disgusting.