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Her thumb lingered over the keypad. She could type down in the ridiculous small cellphone over 800 character per minute, yet she couldn't bring herself to type down what she had been thinking of telling her all this time.
She felt a cold sweat drop in her forehead, the stress of the situation bringing her to an edge.

Finally, she clasped down the phone. Closing her eyes, she saved it in her pocket and sighed. Yet another failed attempt at doing something.
She turned to look at her, sitting in the classroom window. The setting sun shined on her blond hair, as she looked out into the horizon, maybe longing for her old country.
"Let's go back home," she finally said, picking up the broom.
A bit startled, Meru reacted, wiping the last specs of dust of the desk. She had waited for that chance alone, cleaning the classroom, for months now.
She felt a hand on top of her head, a comforting weight over her. Looking up, she saw her smiling at her. Probably completely oblivious of how she felt.
Meru nodded, and looked down, trying to hide her blushing face and her happy smirk.

It had been worth the wait.