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Alright so i have to say this....someone else probably has but i dont care >.<

1.) For the love of god please remember to shower! I dont care how long it takes you to shower or get ready....think of it ahead of time and either get up earlier, or shower right before you go to bed.......just please for everyones comfort and happiness shower!

2.) Deodorant.....Not only does this help you to not smell bad....it helps you smell good, and some kinds help you to not sweat
Some people cant help but sweat, but as long as they dont stink its fine.

3.)Do not bathe in you're cologne or perfume....some people are quite allergic to certain types of colognes and perfumes, to the point that their throat closes up . This would be bad considering that if such a thing happens in the vendors hall, there will be a huge mess and mass of people tripping into one another over the collapsed person.

4.) Hydrate and feed! Nothing is worse then con plague. If you are hypoglycemic remember you're blood sugar, we all love anime goods and costumes but im pretty sure you're life is a little bit more important to you. One of my friends forgot this last year and suffered for her poor decision to not eat. By the way.....feed means eating more then ten boxes of pocky, it means real food, with real cnutrients.