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Okay, big Higurashi thread.

1) These are youtube links to some of the character songs. My request is that, if an /a/non can provide an MP3 for any (Hopefully all) of these songs, they fucking rock. Also, some videos might not be around but most are:
Keiichi Oishi no Uwasa Jikenbo ABC (Keiichi and Oishi)

Ienai Kotoba (Shmion)

Futari no Birthday

Mugen Kairo (Rika)

Suki Suki Nii-nii (Satoko)

Nanodesu Oyashiro sama mix (New) (Hanyuu)

You - Cry (Rena):

You - Feel (Mion):

You - Hope (Rika & Hanyuu):

You - Kind (Satoko):

You - Thanks (Shion):

You (original version):

You - Visionen im Spiegel:

You - Destructive:

You (original version, with vocals):

2)A torrent of Daybreak/Daybreak Kai would be appreciated as well. I realize I ask a lot and all I provide is pictures but oh well, I'll see what happens.

Otherwise, just Higurashi pics.